Lagers & Ciders

Carling Lager

Alcohol strength: 4.0% ABV, Barrel

Picture of a pint of Carling lager as sold in best pub in Church Stretton is The Kings Everybody has heard of Carling. The football, the festivals. What’s not to like? But do you know it’s history?

In  1818, Thomas Carling, a farmer from Yorkshire, emigrated with his family to Ontario in eastern Canada. He started brewing ale from home, which he named Carling Black Label.

Originally Carling sold his beer on the streets of London, Ontario from a wheelbarrow. Eventually it became so popular that he was able to take up brewing full-time. The first Carling brewery had two kettles, a horse to turn the grinding mill and six men to work on the mash tubs.

By  1840 Carling had a small brewing operation in London. He sold his beer to soldiers at the local camp. In 1878, John and William, his sons built a six-storey brewery in London, Ontario. This was destroyed by fire a year later and a distraught Thomas Carling died of pneumonia shortly after helping to fight the fire.

William and John took over the company and renamed it the W & J Carling Brewing Co. John Carling died in 1911 and since then the company has changed hands many times.

Carling was first sold in the UK in the 1950s. By the early 1980s it had become the UK’s most popular beer by volume sold. A landmark was reached by the company in 1999 when UK sales reached one billion pints. Since then Carling lager has gone on to sell 24.9 billion pints worldwide.

Random Pub fact; In 1999 Carling sold ONE BILLION PINTS in the UK.”


Green Monkey

Alcohol strength: 4.3% abv. Barrelgreen monkey pint

Lager or Laager (German for storage)

Here at the Kings Arms we are proud to serve our premiun craft brewed lager Green Monkey which has been laagered the traditional way. 

Laagering is the art of fermenting and conditioning beer at low temperatures. Unlike lesser beers Green Monkey is stored twice as long at zero degrees. It contains no artificial additives, no finings and no preservatives or carbonation. 

It is only ever brewed in small batches with pure mineral water and the finest malt and hops making it the freshest and smoothest of all craft brewed lager beers.

“Green Monkey is naturally sparkling, crisp and smooth making it perfect for the discerning lager drinker who appreciates freshness and purity in a lager. It is perfect to enjoy in The Kings beer garden.” JTT, Scooping Daily


Random Pub Fact; Because it contains no artificial additives, finings  or preservatives Green Monkey is suitable for vegetarians”


Stowford Press

Alcohol strength: 4.5% ABV Cask

Stowford Press or Old Rosie is a cider sold in church stretton pub The Kings Arms

Stowford Press is Westons Cider’s most popular brand . It is brewed just down the road in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, England. The company has been making cider in the same place since 1878.

 Stowford Press is a medium, clear, sparkling cider, which we have on tap.

Westons also make  “Old Rosie”, a strong (7.3%), dry, still and cloudy cider. It is  very much like a traditional scrumpy.



Random Pub Fact; Blond without an ‘e’ describes a continental style lighter tasting lager. Blonde with an ‘e’ however describes a wheat beer.”


Magnerschurch stretton pubs that sell magners

Alcohol strength:  4.5% ABV. Bottle


Ice cold from our cooler.

Pour bottle over ice.

There can be few drinks that conjure up images of a hot summers day sat in The Kings Arms Beer garden than Magners.

Brewed in County Tipperary,  Ireland this premium cider is infused with blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries. Take a pint glass. Fill it with ice. Pour over slowly and enjoy.

Random pub fact; Magners is called Bulmers in Ireland”.

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