Cask Ales & Bitters

Joule’s Slumbering Monk

Alcohol strength: 4.5% abv. Cask


Slumbering MonkJoule’s Slumbering Monk is our premium beer. It is a full bodied cask ale with a malty, nutty fullness. Hints of caramel give it a round, soft, satisfying smoothness.

Monk is brewed with a very high proportion of crysal malt. Crysal malt is malt that has been toasted so the natural sugar in the malt grains have slightly carmalised. This gives the beer its rich flavour and deep copper colour. It is 100% malt brewed. We add no colours or additives guaranteeing you malty goodness. The crystal malt is the source of Monk’s richness or body. It also gives it its distinctive nuttiness.

“Lovely rich, reddy brown body with an off-white to creamy coloured head which clings to the glass nicely. The aroma is of a nutty malt loaf with a caramel topping and suggests a full bodied and malty, semi-sweet tasting beer: and that is exactly what you get. I’m into the sweeter, maltier brews these days and this floated my boat.”

Slumbering Monk is named after a carving in our brewery Joule’s hospitality room. It was carved in 1932 though the original brand was founded by Francis Joule in 1779.

The Monk is a fine balance between bitterness, from the hops, and the body from the malt. It has a higher concentration of malt delivering a stronger beer at 4.5%. The heady fullness makes it so easy to drink that a few of our regulars call it ‘The Slurring Monk’.


Random Pub Fact “The Joule’s Red Cross trade mark is the 6th oldest beer mark in the world.”


Joule’s Pale Ale

Alcohol strength: 4.1% abv. Cask


On Monday 25th October 2010, 36 years to the day of the last Joule’s Pale Ale Brew, a new batch of Joule’s Pale Ale was released. Using Joules Pale Ale Pint on a tablethe original yeast,Photo of Joules Pale Ale records, brewer’s notes and methodology the newly reformed Joules Brewery reissued this once legendary Pale Ale. Joules also required the services of Anthony Heeley, the last brewer to make the Pale Ale in 1974.

This top quality Pale Ale is described as

“lovely bright amber colour with a full lasting crown of off-white foam, lacing all the way down the glass. Rich flavours of malty goodness in the nose and the taste: caramel biscuits wrapped in a toffee apple shell. I like a sweeter brew and this fits beautifully into my like bracket. Really pleased this brewery has been revived.”.


Alcohol strength: 4.1% ABV. Cask


Ahh the taste of the Emerald Isle in a Church Stretton Pub. Pubs in Church Stretton that serve Guiness

In 1759, Arthur Guinness, took over an abandoned brewery in Dublin, Ireland, named St. James Gate. Guinness had very little brewing experience but he signed a 9,000-year lease with an annual rent of £45, and began to brew.

Two hundred and fifty years later and  Guinness is the No. 1 stout in the world. It is synonymous with the Irish, and an enduring symbol of Irish pride. The success of the beer owes as much to its unique aesthetics and long history of award-winning, unusual advertising campaigns as it does to its creamy, robust flavour.

Random Pub Fact “Nigeria and Cameroon are among the top five markets for Guinness in the world”


Alcohol strength: 3.8% ABV. Cask


Picture of Caffery's logoIn 1994 in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland Caffery’s launched a new ale that was to bring a whole new definition to the word smooth. Caffrey’s is silky smooth premium Irish ale loveliness in a glass. A flavoursome, creamy beer with a luxurious texture.

Caffrey’s has a refreshing easy drinking taste.  With hints of banoffee pie, rich malt loaf and juicy red apples Caffrey’s is redefining smooth for a new, younger generation of drinker.